China Business, Skills, Strategy

Private Training Workshop

Course Details:

Name : China Business, Skills & Strategy
Type : Private In-House Training / Consulting
Format : Face-To-Face / Classroom / Workshop
Length : 3 Days


Practical, realistic and results-oriented this three-day course transfers the knowledge, understanding and capability necessary to build and implement a successful China strategy for your organisation.

Learning Objectives

Increased China business acumen for more informed decision-making in your business with China and the Chinese.

Tools, skills and understanding for you to meet your objectives with China and the Chinese.

Strategy & tactics development for your business with China and the Chinese.

Who Should Attend

This training is suitable for owners and staff of SMEs and MNCs.

Chairs & Board members
Company Owners
Managing Directors
C-Suite Officers
Company Secretaries
Senior & Strategic Advisors
Heads of Departments
Sales & Marketing Executives
Directors of Human Resources
Directors of Business Development
China-focused Management Positions

Day 1

China Today:
Separating media and politically biased ‘common knowledge’ from reality to understand the complexities of China today, where it came from and where it’s going.

Business Ethics & Values:
Identifying the underlying differences between British and Chinese mind-sets and how they impact business situations and decision-making.

Relationship Management:
Understanding and using the key elements that make or break a business relationship in China.

Protocol & Etiquette:
Business & personal expectations and conventions so you will be taken seriously, trusted & be able to get things done with China & the Chinese; greeting, meetings, gifting and business entertaining.

Day 2

Chinese communication norms, styles, expectations and the skills and tools you'll need to adapt your communication to both give and receive messages effectively with Chinese.

Negotiation & Influence:
Explaining Chinese negotiation styles and tactics, understanding why western ones often won't work and the skills, tools, tactics and strategies you can use to influence Chinese decision makers.

Structural Differences: How China differs from Britain in legal, governmental, human resource and currency structures and how they impact business in China.

China Market Insights:
China-specific purchasing, distribution and payment channels and trends focused on how the China-specific internet has revolutionised most aspects of business.

Day 3

China Market Engagement Options:
Agents, Distributors, Joint Ventures, Representative Offices, Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise, Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise

Cost of Business:
An overview of business taxes, duties, and fees encountered when doing business in China.

China Strategy:
Putting it all together to develop a practical China strategy.
China Market Entry: Stages
China Market Entry: Goals
China Market Entry: Resources
China Market Entry: Plan
China Market Entry: Actions


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